Ever been to a yoga class where you feel held hostage??

"Is this hour almost up?"

"Is that lady gonna moan through the ENTIRE class?"

"Wow! Really? Is he actually texting during shavasana??"

Or feel you need to take ANOTHER yoga class to de-stress from the annoyances of the one you just took?

If you have ever experienced this – I got the class for you!


Introducing Yogi Kristi McHugh!

A yoga you will experience like no other.

Kristi is a yogi by day and a working standup comedian by day... and night. This is a fun, physically challenging, emotionally refreshing class that gets to the underbelly of whatever intentions you may have come to class with. It will push you way beyond on all levels.


Focusing on breath, alignment, strength and release are the physical side of her practice. You will have the tools to guide you emotionally, spiritually and cognitively. The destination – that part is up to you. There will be guaranteed challenges that you will choose to take, or not.

All that is required is an open mind, a desire for growth, and loose pants.

The physical gains you experience are a byproduct of the work you will be challenged to do. Each class includes a guided meditation.


Please contact Kristi for locations and schedule.


Hello there! My name is Kristi and I am so excited to have you embark on my unique yogi experience! We will laugh, (its good for the core), there may be crying, but definitely no sing songy-moaning-drum-playing interludes. We are gonna get your spirit, body and mind tuned up and hit the refresh button! Hello to a new happier, healthier relationship with yourself. :)

There will no selling of crystals, salt lamps, or buddah beads. I'm not running a flea market here. But I will have tickets to my latest comedy show available after class! (kidding – not kidding)

There will be no creepy-touchy-feely by me when pose adjustments are needed. Not here to do soft porn. I believe that class takes place somewhere in the valley.

See you on the mat!

and Namustgo to class!



If better overall health in a relaxed, nonintrusive, self-respecting, non-demeaning nor competitive environment is what you are looking for, give Kristi’s class a try! You will not be sorry you did!


For location and schedule contact Kristi.


I like Yoga poses. I've even done some on 10 minute Yoga videos in my living room.... But nothing compares to an actual person teaching you how to do the movements. Kristi is incredibly patient, kind, and specific in her approach. She does not judge and actually seems to appreciate beginners!

I've always been a bit intimidated by the professional yoga classes in L.A... the blocks, the pillows... the accessories. Kristi teaches in a very approachable manner. She knows what she is doing and the more advanced students follow along while less advanced students are provided with options to less challenging poses and, more importantly, supported and encouraged. A great workout, and awesome way to start the day!

– Lee Lucas

Building Management
Santa Monica


Kristi"s yoga class is a breath of fresh air. She makes it fun and productive at the same time adjusting the practice to your level. As a surfer and person in an extremely stressful, demanding occupation, her class calms me, yet makes me feel stronger, more supple and flexible as a result. It is always rewarding physically and meditatively taking her yoga class.

– David Olan, Esq.


I had never taken a yoga class before. I have a lot of stress in my life and found that Kristi"s patient and gentle teaching was very stress reducing. Kristi made yoga fun and relazing. She patiently explains poses in a way that is easy to follow and shows you alternative ways to adjust your body to make it easy to learn a pose. I noticed she had different levels of students in her class and everyone seemed to enjoy the session. I highly recommend Kristi.

– Dennis Allard.

Santa Monica


Yogi Kristi offers private yoga sessions and yoga instruction at very reasonable prices.

If you prefer a lesson in your own home or if you simply don't like crowds, Kristi can accomodate you with a lesson tailored to your level and individual needs.


For pricing and location of private sessions please contact Kristi.


Venice Beach

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